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О неравномерно распределенном будущем в современном строительстве

COINS US Conference 2016 - James Benham's Keynote Speech from COINS GLOBAL on Vimeo.

Chuck Rossi from Facebook on Release Engineering

10 Commandments of Release Engineering

Прекрасное про время
"Greenwich Mean Time ensures that the sun, on those days it is visible, is directly overhead Greenwich, England, each noon. Locales distant from England, shift UTC by a certain number of hours and minutes so that the sun is approximately overhead locally at noon. Mountain Standard Time subtracts 7 hours from UTC. We would expect 24 time zones, each corresponding to 60 minutes of longitude, but as with all things political, there are many exceptions. Nepal's time zone is 15 minutes off from India's as an expression of independence. Many locales also change the offset, advancing their clocks by one hour in the summer and turning them back in the winter, at specied days. Arizona, unlike the other states in the Mountain Time Zone, does not adopt this adjustment, called daylight saving time, presumably as an expression of independence from the federal government. The Navajo Indian reservation, located within Arizona, does use daylight saving time, perhaps to be different than Arizona. And the Hopi Indian reservation, which is completely surrounded by the Navajo Indian reservation, does not adopt daylight saving time, perhaps to differentiate themselves from the Navajos. So you can drive a few hours in Arizona and go in and out of daylight saving time four times."

Отсюда: https://www.amazon.com/Developing-Time-Oriented-Database-Applications-Management/dp/1558604367
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Thoughtworks про блокчейн
Интересное summary: https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/blockchain-grown-ups-cutting-through-hype и https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/blockchain-for-grown-ups-part-two

Критика Kanban с позиции Scrum

Цитата из The Toyota Way:
"Remember: the kanban is an organized system of inventory buffers and, according to Ohno, inventory is waste, whether it is in a push system or a pull system. So kanban is something you strive to get rid of, not to be proud of."

Когда kanban хорошо:
"The literature speaks of successful application of kanban in the service industry, analogous to firefighting or hospital emergency rooms."

Software development effort estimation

There is no such thing as ‘Customer Self-Service’

Chess And The Art Of Enterprise Architecture by Gerben Wierda

"In every field of inquiry, it is true that all things should be made as simple as possible — but no simpler. (And for every problem that is muddled by over-complexity, a dozen are muddled by over-simplifying.)"
- Sydney J. Harris

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCTqNZW0wIk (~ 0:40:00).